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Amy Jimenez se postula para alcalde de la ciudad de Compton para revitalizar nuestra ciudad, cerrar las brechas de la comunidad y llevar transparencia al Ayuntamiento.

Infrastructure & A Green Revitalization

Let’s complete all of the road and pothole repairs throughout the city. Residents rely heavily on their vehicles to access work and other essential amenities. The streets’ potholes add unnecessary vehicle maintenance costs to our already economically strained community. With your support I will work to address additional unkempt infrastructure issues such as accessing clean water, street lighting, and pipeline repairs by utilizing existing programs in the county and acquiring grants that levy the economic burden on residents.

We know that infrastructure issues like these are related to the imminent climate emergency and our overall well being. When our streets are clean and safe, not damaged and dirty, it brings a sense of pride and respect for the neighbourhoods we share. Compton residents deserve cleaner air, more park space, and the assurance that together we will build our resiliency against the impact of climate change. We need to build on the groundwork conducted by our state representatives towards a greenification of the city by introducing alternative energy such as solar panels to create shading and green spaces in partnership with companies aimed at social equity.

  • Increase the number of green spaces by identifying vacant land for pocket parks and open spaces to create incentives for healthy food retail, and small business entrepreneurship through exciting events (night markets, art-hops) that better celebrate our talent. Compton’s legacy and history is embedded in the arts and its dynamic culture. I will work to continue advancing and supporting young talent in a more centralized fashion.
  • Support existing community-led initiatives that build on the legacy of Compton Richland farms and agricultural practices.
  • Prioritize clean neighborhoods, clean streets and green spaces.
Compton is home to some of the highest rates of hazardous waste (particularly our residents in east Compton), air pollution, impaired water bodies, traffic, and pesticides. It is essential we create a climate action plan in partnership with neighboring cities to best address these issues.
  • Establish tangible goals for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions and carcinogens.
  • Work with neighboring cities that are also impacted by oil refineries that contribute to air pollution and ultimately health conditions.

 Compton is often labeled as the most dangerous city in California. While crime rates and homicides have decreased over the last eight years, public safety remains a top concern. Residents are showing leadership in this area, working to rebuild a sense of community and solidarity through block clubs and coalitions.

  • Prioritize the establishment of a community based relationship with the police division to increase trust, accountability, and cooperation.
  • Introduce programs in which community members and nonprofits work very closely with the city’s police department to form after school programs such as safety walks. 
  • Increase the presence of community leaders and the role of the parks and recreation departments in public spaces that do not solicit the presence of police officers. 
  • Establish an independent advisory on police matters that promote increased communication between the community and the policing division to address
    • Individual resilience
    • Family resilience
    • Community resilience
    • Urban resilience
Public Safety does not work if preventive efforts and healing mechanisms are excluded from the effort. We must be proactive, not just reactive, in the face of injustice. Thus, I would like to increase community safety through prevention efforts; supporting neighborhood coalitions and ensuring youth have access to supportive year-round programs as well as providing access to mental health resources.

Public Safety & Community Wellbeing

Transparency & Accessibility

Compton residents deserve inclusive and progressive leadership that reflects the diverse needs of the community. In order for city services to work, we must codify accessibility, transparency, and accountability across all departments in City Hall. That entails leaders with integrity, reliable staff, consistent procedures, and transparent policies. It also requires checks and balances through audits and community committees.

  • Decrease barriers to participation, we must streamline the accessibility of services through user-friendly technology, instating language interpretation services for our non-English speaking residents, and establishing a unit that works directly in collaboration with organizations to strengthen their efforts in accommodating the diversity of the city.
    • Promote ADA compliance and public safety for our disable community
  • Build a technological infrastructure
    • Create a digital dashboard
    • That includes a job portal which enables employers to post jobs and unemployed or underemployed to find and apply to job opportunities across all industries.
    • Promote resources and nonprofit organizations.
    • Present interactive projects in which residents can track the progress of projects.
  • To alleviate some of the economic burden, we need streamlined procedures and set a standard process to vet all city vendors.
    • Establish streamlined procedures and set a standard process to vet all city vendors. A process that omits identifiers – name of the applicant, race and the gender of the applicant in order to focus on what they can offer.
    • Work to seek state and federal relief funds.
    • Pass ordinances to facilitate the safe operation of businesses during the pandemic (e.g. outdoor dining, periodic street closures).
    • Support street vendors as they are a staple to our community

I will prioritize the representation of all Compton residents and the diverse needs at the county, state, federal, and international level.

  • Facilitate the establishment of community committees such as City Council Oversight Committee and reinstatement of other community based committees in environment, education, and public safety
  • Expand federal, state, and county homebuyer programs to facilitate the access of homeownership for low- and moderate-income families.
  • Continue to be a part of coalitions such as MGI and fight for efforts that build on economic, social, and cultural capital to achieve gender and racial equity.
  • Work with the vast number of nonprofits to access funding and facilitate the delivery of services particularly to youth, immigrant communities, and our impoverished families

We represent the future of America. It is time to push for greater heights and ensure a prosperous long-term economy. That includes youth programs, workforce development, and efforts to attract and support diverse businesses that pay livable wages.

Economic development should be closely linked to the fight against climate change and the movement towards “green jobs”. At the federal and state level, representatives are working towards this direction and it is of essence that we come on board.

Currently employment in the city is centered around transportation, production, services and sales. Thus there is a great opportunity to shift towards green construction, manufacturing, renewable energy generation, and transportation that is aimed at increasing efficiency and/or reducing environmental impact of various modes of transportation including trucking, mass transit.

How do we get there:

  • Education & Training 
  • Certifications/Licenses 
  • Work with the right companies to invest in our community.

Economic Development 


I will fight for an education system that works for our children. I will partner with the school district to compliment and double our  effort to impact the lives of our kids. 
  • Parks and Recreations could play a larger role to support our kids, especially during the COVID crisis to provide much needed accessible green space.
  • Garner support from established private companies to promote STEAM
  • Promote youth civic engagement through programs at city hall and in partnership with our state and congressional representatives.